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Advanced Precision Metrology Solutions

Optical Profile Projector

  • Simple low cost optical profile projector with basic micrometer based measurements.
  • Sophisticated Vertical and Horizontal projection models.
  • Microprocessor Based Digital Readouts, Computer based measured systems with GUI.
  • Optical edge detector.
  • Screen size varies from 300mm to 600mm.
  • Telecentric magnification lenses of 5x to 100x.

Vision Measuring Machine

  • 2D manual model.
  • 3D manual models with Autofocus and touch probe option.
  • 3D automatic CNC controlled models with autofocus, motorized zoom lens, Part programming and touch probe.
  • Variable magnification telecentic zoom lens magnification range 20x to 200x.
  • Measuring traverse varies from 100mm to 500mm in X, Y, & Z axis depending upon the model.
  • Powerful edge detection tools , SPC software.

Quick Measuring Machine

  • Incorporates latest technology of image dimensions measurement.
  • High resolution Video Telecentric Lens.
  • Advanced high resolution machine vision camera.
  • Powerful yet user friendly software allows user to measure multiple dimensions.
  • Measure single or multiple components at time.
  • Quick and accurate measurement of large number of components even by unskilled operators.

Tool Presetter

  • An indispensible aid for any CNC machine shop.
  • The heavy duty construction with mounting table and cabinet.
  • High precision ball bearings for spindle rotation.
  • LM guides and ball screws for X and Z movements.
  • Optical projector for tool edge viewing.
  • Electronic measuring system , Digital Readout.

Optical Profile Projectors for Precision Measurement

High-Accuracy Optical Profile Projectors

Innovative Precision Metrology Solutions for Industry

Integrating Precision Metrology Solutions into Manufacturing

Precision Metrology Solutions

Any Dimensional Metrology System used in production engineering must be fast, accurate & robust.

Optical metrology fulfills these requirements perfectly, leading to the long-term success of equipment based on these methods.

Optomech offers a wide range of optical metrology equipment to meet diverse cost and application needs.


Choosing the Best Metrology Solutions for Your Needs

Optomech excels in developing and manufacturing precision metrology solutions, ensuring high accuracy and reliability. Our advanced technologies set the standard for quality inspection in various industries.

Video Measuring Machines: Ensuring Accuracy


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