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Tool Presetter

Tool Presetter

Optomech precision Tool Presetting Systems are designed to accurately preset boring bars and cutting tools to precise diameters and depth dimensions for a variety of CNC machine tools and machining centres.

  • Presetting of cutting tools with Optomech Tool Presetter is prior to use in CNC machine tools reduces machine down time created by interruptions in the machining cycle such as trial cuts, measuring and adjusting of tools, and adjusting machine stops.
  • The enlarged viewing of tool point reduces operator fatigue and allows faster, more accurate evaluation of quality of cutting tool geometry at the time of presetting operation.
Interchangeable among ISO 50, ISO 45, ISO 40 and ISO 30 tapers by changing sleeves.


Heavy Duty Construction

The system consists of heavy machine base mounted on a stable and rigid work table. The coordinate slides are guided on a set of precision linear motion bearings. The vertical slide is balanced on counter weight for easy movement. Fine adjustment is possible by adjustment knobs placed in handy positions.


PrecisonMachined heavy duty spindle mounted on ultra precision, matched pair, angular contact bearings.

Pneumatic Clamping Device

The device pulls the pull stud with uniform force for precision and operational convenience. The clamping is effected by just pressing a switch


Screen Diameter 115 mm, Magnification 20x. The projector is equipped with a screen which has cross hairlines for detection of tool edges.

Mechanical Guaging

A set of dial indicators for tool edge detection for both diameter and height.

Digital Read Out

The presetter is equipped with a Digital Readout which can accurately display height and diameter. Large indicated LED figures on the DRO will permit no reading errors. Programmable DRO with memory for storing upto 500 reference points, RS 232 inter-face with PC and direct serial interface is provided with the printer.


Compare Guage

Std ISO 50, ISO 45 & 30 can be provided. It is used to measure the guage plane difference between the machine to be used and the presetter. This compensation can be fed into the Digital Counter of the DRO to avoid repeated calculations.

Master Guage

Std ISO 50, ISO 45 & 30 can be provided. This is necessary for obtaining the reference point of radial motion (X-axis) with reference to spindle centre. This reference reading has to be fed in to the Digital Readout system before starting the tool measurements.

Changing Sleeves

ISO 45/50, 40/50 & 30/50 can be provided. These are required when the tool presetter is toused for different types of tool tapers. The use of these “quick change adaptors” permits fast changeover from one system to another, if necessary.

OPTOMECH Tool Presetter Specifications

Model V – 320R is table mounted with coordinate slides guided on precision linear motion guides. The tool mounting spindle with desired taper is mounted on an ultra-precision matched pair angular contact bearing. For tool edge detection diameter 115mm Profile Projector as well as a set of dial indicators are provided.

Measuring range X-axis: 320mm diameter
Z-axis: 400mm length
Movements Sliding movement in X & Z axis
On imported linear motion
guides and ball screws
Tool Edge Detection 2 Axis DRO with linear encoder
LC : X -Axis : 0.001mm,
Z-axis : 0.005mm
Optical Projection system with 115mm dia
Screen with cross lines for reference
and 20x magnification lens
Mechanical Set of dial indicators
X-axis 0.001mm & Y-axis 0.010mm
Spindle ISO 50 std.Spindle rotation is on
extra precision Preloaded matched
pair of AC bearings
Tool Clamping Pneumatic
Construction Constructed on high grade casting
and mounted on a rigid table
with storage facility
Power Supply 220V 50Hz
Net Weight 125 kg
Overall Dimensions(L X W X H) 900mm X 460mm X 1600mm
Standard Accessories
Compare Gauge For gauge plane calibration
Test Mandrel Diameter 50mm X 300mm
for diameter setting
Standard Spares
Operation manual 2 No.s
Halogen Lamp 1 No.s
Bulb Holder 1 No.s
Fuse 1 No.s
Screen Glass 1 No.s


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