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Vision Measurement System

Vision Measurement System by Optomech: Precision and Efficiency

Welcome to the world of precision measurement with Optomech’s Vision Measurement System. Our cutting-edge technology ensures fast, accurate, and reliable measurements for a variety of applications, ranging from mechanical parts and plastic injection molding to electronic devices, die and molds. Explore the features that make our Vision Measurement System stand out:

Key Features of Optomech’s Vision Measuring Machines:

  1. Precision Measuring Stage: Optomech Vision Measuring Machine machines feature a precision measuring stage, ensuring accurate measurements for a variety of applications. Some of the key features of the stage are.
  • Advanced Joystick Controller Moment for all 3 Axis.
  • The Base and column of all the machines are Made of Precision machined Granite, ensuring unparallel stability and Accuracy.
  • 3-axis controller for X, Y, and Z movements.
  • Stage control through software using a mouse for enhanced flexibility.
  1. Telecentric Zoom Lens
  • Advanced zoom assembly for magnification from 30x to 200x.
  • Magnify up to 250x for high-precision measurement.
  • Color CMOS camera system for continuous, high-quality video on-screen.
  • Software-assisted focusing and Z-axis measurements.
  1. Computer Controlled LED Light Source
  • Segmented ring light system for programmable lighting.
  • Quadra-zone lighting enhances visualization of surface features.
  • Powerful, high-tech lighting for precise measurements.
  1. AutoFocus Capability
  • Autofocus capabilities with graphical display for accurate, operator-independent measurements.
  • Enables depth measurements.
  1. Touch Probe Option
  • Detects surface and side coordinates for complicated 3D parts.
  • Incorporates Vision and Touch Probing for multi-sensing metrology.
  • Useful in a common datum plane, providing CMM capabilities.
  1. Large Number of Reporting Formats
  • Advanced SPC Software inbuilt.
  • Digital Readout, Drawing Overview, Probe Options.
  • Export data in various formats such as Word, Excel, AutoCAD, and PDF.
  1. CNC Programming Capability
  • Learning capability for repetitive measurements.
  • Records measuring process as a program for future use.
  • Turns the equipment into a truly CNC system without complex programming.
  1. Inbuilt SPC Software: The VMM-MAZ and CNC vision measurement machine have SPS statistical analysis software inbuilt. This is helpful in analysing and finding the weak link in the manufacturing process, thus saving costs. The software offers various kinds of charts and methods, such as Xbar-R, Xbar-S, Xmed-R, X-Rm etc., this is largely increasing the convenience and efficiency of the QC management.
  2. Powerful Measurement Software:

Optomech’s Vision Measuring Machine comes with powerful, proprietary feature-rich software for enhanced measurement and analysis, the user-friendly measurement.

Why Optomech for Vision Measurement System?

Optomech offers a range of Video Profile Projectors (VPP) designed to suit various budgets and needs. Our VPP Machines are tailored for fast and accurate measurements, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.

Key reasons to choose Optomech:

Cost-Effective Solution: The VMM is a highly cost-effective solution for metrology requirements.

User-Friendly Software: Powerful software for easy measurement and export to CAD software like AutoCAD and Mastercam.

3D Video Measuring Capability: Models like VPP CNC, VPP CNC HD, and VPP MAZ provide 3D video measuring capability with motorized X, Y, and Z movement, motorized zoom lens, Z-axis measurement, and auto-focus as standard features.

High Measuring Efficiency: The efficiency of VPP is significantly higher than a normal profile projector at a marginally higher price.

Comprehensive Support: Optomech provides comprehensive customer support, including training and troubleshooting, ensuring optimal utilization of our machines.

Vision Measurement System Pricing

For pricing information on our Video Profile Projectors and Vision Measurement Systems, please contact us. Optomech is committed to providing innovative, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for all your metrology needs.


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